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don’t you hate it when money goes away when you spend it

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Phi Phi who?

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Wow my theme is ugly as fuck wait I’m lazy.

Also you know your eyebrow game is on point when a ton of people, even men, tell you so. I win bye.

Tranny here. Made a throw away because I don’t know, things might get crazy and I don’t want it on my main account.

I’m not bothered by it. I AM a tranny. I AM a she-male. Rupaul wasn’t using that word to hurt anybody. It was a “you got email” play on words for a show featuring TRANNY, SHE MALE, DRAG QUEENS, WHATEVER!

If you don’t want that word to hurt you, STOP ANSWERING TO IT WHEN IT’S THROWN OUT THERE TO HURT YOU! You don’t want to be a she-male? Stop turning your head when someone calls it out at you. It’s not as easy as crying and stamping your feet and saying “don’t call me that!” when you know damn well you got a penis tucked away between your legs. Holding your head high takes a little bit longer for people to get the idea, but they will get it.

Turning away RuPaul as an ally? For fuck sakes. Are you kidding me? RuPaul makes jokes, he’s a fucking man in a dress. You know, just because you “feel it more” and this is “who I am” doesn’t mean people aren’t going to look at RuPaul and you and know the difference. We should fucking be so lucky to have such a famous person already digging out the path for us. When people ask me what I am, I tell them and they always, nearly ALWAYS ask me back “Kind of like RuPaul?” AND I SAY YES BITCH EXACTLY LIKE RUPAUL. I don’t need people to know the ins and outs of who I am, because I know they RECOGNIZE that there are people like me out there and it becomes more personal for them. THANK RuPaul for putting himself out there so we didn’t have to.

And Carmen… Carmen isn’t out there for trans people. Carmen is out there for CARMEN. She wants to be famous, and quite honestly, she’s using the fact that she’s trans to book shit she would never be booking otherwise. The only reason I fault Carmen for her CakeBoss appearance is because she sits herself up on twitter calling people out on being “ignorant and offensive”. Personally, my weekday afternoons growing up were spent picking out the he’s from the she’s on Maury, I’ll admit that, I don’t pretend to be above it though! I don’t pretend to be sitting in Jesus’ hand, telling people what to do while I’m deleting nasty twitter messages I sent to people I should be grateful even gave me the time of day. Carmen is a shady bitch who WOULD NEVER NEVER be there for another trans person if push came to shove.

I totally forgot to make that additional point that Carmen Carrera is a fucking hypocrite and why anyone would take her up as their ally is beyond me. Ain’t nobody giving Carmen shit for her being trans, they’re giving her shit because she’s fucking stupid. Hate people for being idiots, not who they are obviously.

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